Corporate Culture

Creating and Sustaining a Corporate Culture for Optimum Performance

Business Consulting for Corporate Culture ChangeIt is a fact that companies have “moods” or “cultures.” The particular culture of a company has everything to do with the Results achieved by that company. In today’s competitive business environment, your company’s culture influences:

After working with thousands of leaders from small businesses, Fortune 500 Companies, hospitals and healthcare practices, state and federal government agencies and institutes of higher learning since the mid 1980s, Chalmers Brothers has found overwhelming evidence that connects a company’s culture to its success. The ways in which the people that “are” the organization communicate, work together and relate to each other are absolutely not separate from bottom-line results.

One of the most important leadership roles – for today and tomorrow – is to design and maintain a specific corporate culture… a specific corporate environment or atmosphere or mood that is most conducive to the overall goals of the organization.  Executive coaching is often directly connected to leaders’ desires to improve their ability to do exactly this.

Transforming Your Corporate Culture into a Healthy, Highly Productive and Profitable Environment

Leaders and employees are individuals, each with their own language, emotion and body domains as well as unique gifts that impact the corporate culture workplace as a whole. Our language and our conversations are profoundly generative and creative, and not all conversations are created equal.  By paying attention and learning new distinctions in this area, dramatic new possibilities emerge.

Companies of all sizes and regardless of industry can effectively be transformed through specialized executive leadership programs and corporate training for leaders and rank and file employees. Leaders learn to design and cultivate a workplace culture with and through people that is most directly supportive of their company’s key goals. Through executive coaching, leaders are assisted to promote a healthy workplace culture where high levels of performance and productivity are created and sustained.

Chalmers offers an entirely different foundation on which to build effective teamwork.

Through a one-on-one coaching relationship, small group training or multi-day workshops, Chalmers works collaboratively with leaders to define and achieve their most important goals. He helps them to overcome obstacles and use individual strengths in combination with a new and powerful understanding of language, conversations, emotions and body. Chalmers is one of the best culture change consultants in America. His approach to changing corporate culture is organic.

As you and others in your organization acquire these new skills and insights, you will see with “new eyes” the strengths and the areas for improvement within yourself and others that will change your corporate culture. As employees replace an “I” with “we” perspective, they coordinate, collaborate and communicate in ways that directly impact overall productivity and profitability. Your workplace will be transformed into an environment where each individual becomes fully vested in performing as a team player committed to your company’s vision and goals.

Chalmers Brothers’ approach to executive coaching and leadership skills training will support you in your ability to gain clarity about the key aspects (positive and negative) of your company’s current culture. It will also support you in taking specific actions and modifying specific behaviors that predictably lead to a positive shift in corporate culture and productivity.

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