Employee Training to Dramatically Improve Teamwork, Productivity and Results

In today’s work environment, the most valuable employee training often involves enabling employees to work more effectively with and through each other.  Chalmers Brothers’ employee training programs provide a framework and specific tools to enable employees and teams to dramatically improve productivity, morale (attitude) and bottom-line Results.

Team Building for New Possibilities, New Actions and New Results

team31 Employee TrainingChalmers’ team building exercises provide employees with a new and powerful way of understanding themselves, their habitual ways of interacting with others, and the Results (+ and -) that these interactions predictably produce. These exercises also enable employees to learn from the experiences of others, as well as to give and receive constructive feedback in an environment of mutual respect and trust.

This type of Corporate Training involves conscious learning and purposeful development in three fundamental areas: language, emotion and body.  In virtually every organization, these are critical dimensions of effective teamwork, communication and performance.  Chalmers’ approach brings forth new possibilities, new actions and new results in each of these three separate – yet highly inter-related – areas. New distinctions in each area allow employees to see with much greater clarity the actual drivers of performance, as well as their own role in contributing to “the way things are around here.”

Chalmers’ team building programs assist employees and teams in applying the new tools and using the new distinctions every day. As learners master new skills and strategies within this powerful training, truly unprecedented levels of success are achieved.

Powerful Employee Training for Possibilities, Actions and Results

Team Building

 Employee Training

Employees of all types are increasingly working in teams today, and companies’ bottom-line Results are increasingly connected to how well employees communicate, collaborate and work together to achieve shared goals. Through team building training, employees are empowered to create and sustain high levels of performance, while at the same time promoting and contributing to a healthy workplace culture.


Corporate Training

 Employee Training

Through Chalmers' unique approach to Corporate Training, virtually all industries can greatly improve performance across all organizational levels.  Leaders and employees acquire insights and skills aligned with self-awareness processes for making real and lasting changes in communication, accountability, roles, delegation, problem-solving, conflict resolution and more.


Team Building Exercises

 Employee Training

Powerful team building exercises for employees and leaders build a shared understanding and the ability to work well together to enhance commitment to a common purpose and organizational goals. It is during these practice sessions, that participants acquire new distinctions and tools and receive feedback as they work in pairs, small groups and large groups.


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