Corporate Training

Improving Performance through Corporate Training for Leaders and Employees

Corporate training at any level is always intended to bring about meaningful changes to improve performance. Whether the goal is to improve mid-level managers’ ability to run a department effectively or change the way an important process is carried out, one constant remains: the need for human beings to “unlearn” certain ways of thinking, believing and behaving… and learn new ones. Chalmers’ approach to all employee training begins with self-awareness, for the one person we can actually change is ourselves.

In the past 27 years, Chalmers has developed and delivered customized corporate training for thousands of people, working with leaders and employees from small businesses, Fortune 500 companies, and state and federal government departments. Important areas of training have included these areas:Employee Training

Chalmers’ unique way of understanding language and the power of conversations provides a foundation for learning that consistently improves employees’ willingness and ability to make real and lasting changes in the ways they think about and interact in their workplace. On top of this foundation, he provides practical tools for bringing about real changes in how employees work together every day. Chalmers’ corporate training consistently yields improvements in:

Customized Corporate Training for Your Organization

Chalmers’ employee training efforts are always based on input from leaders and leadership teams. Through a collaborative approach, he develops customized corporate training with powerful team building exercises and strategies to address specific employee skills and/or leadership skills.

Chalmers offers single session corporate training designed to complement an existing initiative or simply be an “eye-opener,’ as well as a series of employee training workshops over a longer period of time that include new practices, behavior and feedback.