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When’s the last time you attended a keynote event, with a business keynote speaker, at which you laughed a lot… and at the same time, the corporate keynote speaker left a truly lasting impression on you? Or the last time when, in the space of an enjoyable hour or so, you gained insights about yourself and others that you still think about and have had a lasting impact on your life through the help of one of the best corporate speakers?

This is the promise of Chalmers Brothers’ corporate keynote speaking events – a corporate motivational speaker.

For the past 20 years, Chalmers has been a corporate speaker to groups and organizations around the country. He is a visionary leadership speaker, helping organizations and groups. In a variety of different settings, from quarterly meetings to banquets to retreats, he has shared his blend of humor and insight into the way we human beings operate – and how this impacts our relationships and results – with thousands of people.

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For leaders, employees, spouses, teams, vendors, suppliers and customers – Chalmers , the best corporate speaker, offers something for everyone. His customized keynote speaking sessions are tailored to each event and each audience, and are always designed to accomplish the following goals:

  • To complement the overall objectives of the sponsoring organization and event.
  • To entertain and create a mood of lightness and enjoyment… as well as openness and receptivity to learning.
  • To provide thought-provoking and practical insights that 100% of the people in attendance can immediately use in their own professional and personal lives.
  • To have a positive impact on the “brand” or identity of the sponsoring organization.

Providing Maximum Value for Your Audience

Chalmers is a consummate professional, corporate motivational speaker, and his approach to speaking reflects his commitment to providing maximum value to his clients. Creating an atmosphere of lightness and humor is important to him, as is providing real take-home value connected to professional effectiveness and personal well-being.

Chalmers works with his clients on the front end to learn about the audience and overall context of the event, and customizes his sessions for optimum impact. His corporate keynote speaking sessions are always based on his unique and powerful way of understanding language, the power of conversations, and the basics of how we human beings operate.  He builds sessions designed for people who may be seeking to:

  • Improve the quality of the important relationships in their lives.
  • Learn something new about themselves and their own role in “how things are around here.”
  • Enhance their own personal and emotional well-being.
  • Improve their ability to lead or manage effectively.
  • Generate solid teamwork and better productivity at work.
  • Shift the “corporate culture” or prevailing atmosphere at work.
  • Shift the prevailing mood or atmosphere at home.
  • Build more balance, peace and joy into their lives.
  • Deepen their own spirituality.

Whether your program is for executive leadership; employee Corporate Training; sales training; team building; or to inspire, empower and entertain a nonprofit organization, contact Chalmers to begin creating a powerful and memorable keynote speaking event.

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