Effective Corporate Leadership Training for Creating and Sustaining a Powerful Corporate Culture

cb headshot rounded6 Leadership TrainingChalmers Brothers’ transformational corporate leadership development programs provide a framework and specific tools to enable leaders and executives to much more purposefully – and much more effectively – create a workplace culture directly aligned with desired Results. Effective leadership begins with a new and powerful way of understanding yourself, your role as leader, as well as the basics of shaping the culture of any organization.

This type of leadership training involves conscious learning and purposeful development in three fundamental areas: language, emotion and body.  No matter what your leadership style, these are fundamental to effective leadership and organizational performance. Chalmers’ approach brings forth new possibilities, new actions and new results in each of these three separate – yet highly inter-related – areas. New distinctions in each area allow leaders to see with much greater clarity the actual drivers of performance, as well as their own role in contributing to “the way things are around here.”

The next step in Chalmers’ leadership programs is to assist leaders and executives in applying the new tools and using the new distinctions every day. As learners master leadership skills and strategies within this powerful training, a whole new level of success is achieved.

More About Chalmers Brothers’ Corporate Leadership Training Development Programs

Leadership role and self-awareness questions:
In leadership training for company leaders and corporate executives, we explore these important questions:

  • What do you – as a leader – actually get paid to do?
  • What are the 1 or 2 or 3 most critical, most fundamental, most important aspects of your role as a leader?
  • How has our understanding of leadership effectiveness changed over the past 10 or 20 or 50 years?
  • What are the characteristics of a Corporate Culture that will best support the purpose and goals of your company?
  • What leadership skills and leadership qualities will be most important in the future?
  • What is your level of self-awareness?  That is, how conscious are you now of your contribution to “the way things are around here?”
  • How open are you to learning?  How willing are you to see yourself, your way of interacting and your organization’s dynamics with “new eyes”?

Corporate Leadership development programs by Chalmers are designed to address the specific needs and concerns of clients – men and women in a variety of different industries and in a variety of different leadership and management roles.

Introduction to Language, Emotions and Body:

Language, emotions, and body are the three key Corporate Leadership Training dimensions that are fundamental to Chalmers Brothers’  leadership training solutions and leadership development programs. Learn about corporate training solutions. More about language (internal and external conversations); moods and emotions; and body includes these concepts:

  • A new way of understanding language and the power of conversations is critical for making transformational changes in leadership effectiveness, as we begin to more clearly understand the conversational nature of organizational work.
  • A new way of understanding moods and emotions – including how we can more consciously design our own individual moodspaces, as well as the “culture” of our companies – is central to our ability to build emotional intelligence into our leadership teams and organizations.
  • A new way of understanding how our bodies and our physical presence impact – and are impacted by – our moods and our conversations is essential for leaders committed to conscious learning and purposeful development.

Powerful Corporate Leadership Training Solutions for Possibilities, Actions & Results

Executive Leadership

 Leadership Training

Executive leadership training begins with a focus on self-awareness and the fundamentals of how human beings and organizations operate. It includes a powerful framework for understanding organizational performance and productivity, as well as introducing ways to intervene upon and improve two fundamental types of company results that are critical for operating a successful company.


Effective Leadership

 Leadership Training

Whether at the executive level or at any level within the organization, leaders and managers are constantly seeking ways to improve their ability to achieve desired Results with and through others… and to do so consistently, over time, through relentless technological, competitive, market and internal change. Through leadership development courses and leadership strategies, leaders will be introduced to a new and powerful way of understanding language, conversations and the “actual actions” of effective leadership.

Leadership Qualities

 Leadership Training

Although it is helpful to explore qualities of exceptional leaders, every person and every organization is unique. Through an analysis of leadership qualities and habitual patterns of behavior – coupled with an incredibly empowering way of understanding language and conversations – Chalmers helps all leaders and executives learn, adapt, change and grow.


Leadership Skills

 Leadership Training

Skills required for effective leadership today vary widely depending on many factors… yet two constants remain: the ability to achieve tangible results with and through people, and the ability to operate effectively in an environment characterized by relentless, ongoing change. Chalmers’ leadership training programs are specifically designed to improve leadership skills in both of these fundamental areas.


Leadership Styles

 Leadership Training

Exceptional leaders can be found employing a wide variety of leadership styles.  Regardless of “personality assessment” or “preference” instruments (DISC, Myers-Briggs, etc.), one of the most powerful leadership styles all of us can employ is Authenticity. Chalmers' leadership development training will provide you with a framework and tools to get in touch with yourself in a deep, meaningful way that will strengthen your “Authenticity Quotient” at work, at home and everywhere in between.

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